Quick Sip: List-o-Maniac

I’m a Compulsive Lister, Listaholic, List-o-Maniac. Though it is the most infamous of all lists, I’ve never had a Bucket List. It felt dumb because, and here comes a list:

  1. Not going to die
  2. Everyone has the same things on it
  3. The things I wanted to do were on other lists (ie: Places to Visit, Things to Buy, To Do When You Have Money, etc)

Making decisions isn’t something I’ve always been good at doing. In a business or leadership situation, I can do it well. Numbers + a team needing answers by the next meeting produces a sense of guidance within me. But day to day? I’m scattered. It took me four hours and six different stores to buy two pairs of pants… that ended up being from the first store I entered. I stopped going to big grocery stores because I could never figure out what ingredients to buy. I’ve skipped over “Quick Indecision Analysis” on my To-Do List for the last 1.5 months. And after a chance video and a few papers, I’ve found a solution.

“If it’s not ‘Hell [Yeah]’, then it’s a ‘No’.”

Greg McKeown, Essentialism Advocate

This idea has changed my life (thus far). Nathaniel Drew talks about it in one of his videos and I’ve been using it ever since. Of the projects I’m working on, all but one are “Hell Yeah”‘s now. I’m exhausted, but I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Sometimes, things that aren’t appealing need to happen. But when that sensation happens in the pursuit of a larger, “Hell Yeah”, it’s justifiable. Now, I’m slowly adding the stand-alone “Hell Yeah’s” to a list. Things like ‘dive a shipwreck’, ‘bike the Seven Lakes of Bariloche’. Excitement is abound! What are your Hell Yeah’s?

Thanks for the quick sip,

This is the video I was talking about – really enjoyed it. He’s a really great creator! Give him a follow if you enjoy it as well!

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