A New Marketing Strategy

I want to point out a marketing trend I’ve seen throughout the last few weeks – it’s fascinating to me. The deep integration of brands with an influencer. I’ve seen it a few times, but the same way with two brands: Yes Theory and David Dobrik.

These two influencers both have millions of followers and very different brands. Now, they share one more thing in common – both have members in a minor role or as an extra in an upcoming blockbuster.

David Dobrik has a line in Angry Birds Two (5.7m views), while the Yes Theory’s Thomas steals a line in “Bad Boys 3” (2.6m views). And this has me thinking… that’s really smart.

Influencers have been cashing in on a lack of trust. An influencer’s suggestion is trusted by 66% of Americans. That’s insane considering that trust costs much less money than avenues.

That has been in play for a while now though. What is interesting, really interesting, is the emergence of content integration. What is more powerful than a suggestion or a clearly sponsored post? A creator saying, “HEY. I’m in this, here is a set of content about this experience. I have one line in this movie, one photo in this album, one tiny piece in this larger pie, and I am so excited by it that I want my fans to experience it.” Integration with an entire fan base factored into the production of the piece. Genius.

My question now is how can smaller businesses take advantage of this strategy? Beyond the budget, there is a desire to be a part of a movie. So how can you as a small business mimic these ideas? How can a product utilize these philosophies? Here are a few off the cuff and untested ideas:

Personalized Product for the Influencer.

Figure out what the influencer wants. Something like a specialized SKU for a single influencer could be a low cost for a very high return. This is nothing new, but it has a new power behind it that wasn’t there previously or nearly as accessible.

Involve them early on in the process.

It’s a powerful thing to keep the marketing at the heart of a product. If you’re designing something, reach out to a few people who you would want eventually singing its praises. Make them a part of the process, so when the time comes, they’ll be itching to talk about it for you.

Become a character.

Each of these influencers is telling a story in one way or another. Become a character and integrate with them though consistent messaging and influence on their content.

What I’m Listening to Right Now

I’m sure these aren’t new ideas – I’ll be researching and looking into how smaller companies have been working with these ideas. I suspect this will become the new normal for this cycle. Eventually, I’ll integrate these ideas into a few of my projects and see how they turn out. I’ll keep you updated!

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