Failing to Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail! I’m starting to disagree. Planing hinges on one massive assumption: it is better to have a plan. To be a modern human is to plan. Why not? It creates a prepared solution for when problems arise. To plan feels natural, like the right thing. It seems like the smart thing to do.

The realization that a plan has a cost is new to me. I’m realizing it goes deeper than the time it takes to come up with a plan. The real cost of a plan is that is frames a problem often before you know the core problem. For me, often a plan is a way to hide a real problem or larger question under a list of things that don’t matter. Like an ostrich burying its head in the sand, it’s possible to spend days on something to avoid the real issue.

Frame first. Plan second.

This was my plan going into this writing session, verbatim.

“I want to say that there is a time for details, but it isn’t before anything happens. The plan never lasts first contact. Detail oriented. I want to talk about how I often hide behind details – the questions that come from solving one make believe problem hide the actual issue. Actual problems hide behind make believe problems. Approaching a problem with the larger question of “is this a symptom? What is the core part of this question? What is the real question behind this problem/situation?” I don’t want to be specific to me though. I want to be more general – I need a metaphor.”


Plans do not last through first contact, though I did sneak an ostrich (simile) in there. Don’t put so much weight on them. Start rolling toward the destination first. I’m hoping these ideas help me get where I’m going a little faster.

What I’m Listening to Right Now

Thanks for taking a sip,


P.S. I’ve been listening to a Chill Cow playlist while I write now – this one is my favorite as of late.

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