Nerves Abound

Positive nervous gets the heart pumping and glosses the palms. It demands a decision – do this now or don’t do it at all. It stares with it’s hand just above the holster and tells you to run away. It comes with any First, happened to everyone worth admiring, and is the struggle that defines growth. It is physical as much as it is mental. A positive nervous lives as a piece of the UnKnown and forces you to explore.

Negative nervous hides. It doesn’t display itself as something to overcome, but disguises as a quick sidestep. Something strategic, something rational, something to plan. It casts a shadow of doubt and stems from a lack of confidence within the self rather than an external pressure. It is not physical, it is not action. It’s working days to solve problems that don’t exist and organizing plans over and over again.

Positive nervous demands; negative nervous stifles. But negative nervous can be converted in one moment of action. Taking the theoretical into the real world is hard, so do it in steps. Have a great idea for a business? Make a few calls and see how much a component would really cost. Great idea for a YouTube channel? Make the first video. No pressure. But that first little victory is more important than anything that follows. Because without the first victory, without that first moment of “Oh, I’ve got something”, the other points won’t follow at all.

Thanks for taking a sip,


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