Pledge of Allegiance Dilemma

Being outside of my birth-country for so long has raised a difficult question. I can’t escape a sense of responsibility to things I left behind, be it family or larger communities. Outside the States, there are always new experiences, new challenges, and new people. But there isn’t a sense of permanent contribution – I underestimated how much that would bother me.

It isn’t that contribution is unimportant, or even that the contribution you provide doesn’t last. I’ve volunteered and worked throughout South America at this point; pride for what I’ve done follows me like a stray dog. But it’s all behind me until I find the new thing. And after that, there’s a new community with another problem. There’s always a new one.

My country has problems, as every country does. So, why am I not there fixing them? What is the individual’s responsibility to their home community? It’s a question that has been taunting me for these last few months. Tonight though, my brain is fried.

Thanks for the sip,


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