Each night for these last few weeks, I went to bed with a new idea about the future. Tonight, I’ll draft a plan to be in New York by next January. Tomorrow night will be spent on New Year’s flights to France. The process of life transitions has become something familiar. Answering the difficult questions that follow “What’s next?” has ceased to scare me. What still remains is the fear of the unknown – I’m sure it always will.

Lost while inside the process is remembering that… it’s a process. This type of thinking isn’t a 20 minute reflection. It’s educated. One breach might be in a conversation with a close friend or mentor. Others might reveal themselves in old notes or memories. It’s finding someone else who has gone through this situation, be it in literature or art.

Things moving away from us may appear faster. The world is always moving – the tension felt as people in the middle of figuring shit out come from that movement. But this process, as cumbersome as it feels, is movement. You aren’t being left behind. I’m saying that to myself as much as I am to you.

Thanks for taking a sip,


Always be sure to walk through the process with other people. There are people around you who care; bouncing ideas off of them is something I need to become better practiced at doing.

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