Done Daily

Today was the 7th day in a row I’ve done some from of exercise. It has also been 7 days since my last Daily Alfajore Test. I understand that it isn’t for everyone, but two ideas have changed my health for the better.

1. Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth isn’t a massive feat of health, it’s something you do. More importantly, it isn’t a big deal. Brushing isn’t a heavy burden, nor is it a distracting goal. You brush your teeth, or you don’t. If you brush them, you’re better for it. If you didn’t, brush them soon.

Eating and exercise are the same. I’m going to exercise. If I don’t, there’s no moral conundrum, there’s no massive plan that I need to reorganize around. There isn’t emotion around food either. Walking by an alfajore stand doesn’t feel like a challenge now – if I want one, I can get one. But I don’t. Eating healthier is something I do now. Failure and success isn’t a question, there isn’t a diet or stringent rules (yet). It’s a question of “is this healthy?” Out with the alfajores, in with the carrots.

2. Daily Dose

My tenancy is to hide behind the past and the future. “I ate healthy yesterday” or “I’ll have an extra long run tomorrow.” I hide what’s uncomfortable, make it Future Alex’s problem or Past Alex’s accomplishment.

When you do something daily, that goes out the window. There is a specific 24 hours that you have to accomplish something, however you define it. The question isn’t if it will happen, it’s when and how. This same philosophy has led to me writing this blog, as well as the description project I mentioned here.

Again, these are things that have been working for me. It has only been 7 days; that isn’t much of an accomplishment. I’ve never dealt with body shame issues or eating problems. But I have my energy back, I’m getting my shape back, and I feel good. I feel really good.

Thanks for taking a sip,


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