There’s an idea of freedom as the ability to anything you want. That idea falls flat when it meets reality. In a reality where you have infinite resources, where time is spent as you wish, you are not free. There are the laws that govern our realities: gravity, nuclear forces, electromagnetism. If I were free to do as I pleased, I would become the Avatar.

But even then, I wouldn’t be free.

What if those laws were overwritten for me? Amended under the Alejandro Provision by God himself, “he can bend these few rules.” I still wouldn’t be free. I don’t live in the vacuum of space, I live here! With you! With billions of little tiny bacteria us, plants and animals! We live amongst the ruins of old civilizations and the seeds of the future. There’s an imposed responsibility that comes with being on Team Life – respect life.

Let’s go past that. I transcend the physical and become consciousness. I experience senses beyond the six, reach into the past and future like playing piano. I understand all, live beyond death, experience outside of spacial sensations.

If even the unimaginable were possible, I still wouldn’t be free.

The important half of freedom is deciding where to place limits. It’s understanding where your limitations come from, deciding standards and finding places of compromise. It’s building your own limitations into reality rather than assuming the limitations of others. Freedom cannot exist without constraints. Choosing your constrains – that’s freedom.

Thanks for taking a sip,


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