The Long Haul

I’m starting to think that Peace is a mental runner’s high.

When you run, there’s a point of maximum resistance. Your mind is yelling, “FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, STOP AND CATCH YOUR BREATH.” Something has to overwhelm that desire, be it determination or a bear chasing you.

Then, the endorphins hit. Your breathe loosens with an exhale, strides feel easier, and you begin coasting. Running becomes an afterthought, making way for mental clarity.

Peace comes after the thrashing. It doesn’t come from falling in love, but from growing in it. Landing a job doesn’t give you peace, hitting a stride in your career of choice does. Peace isn’t running from something purposefully, nor is it a momentary goal. It’s matching pace with life and smiling.

Thanks for taking a sip,


P.S. Learn more about runner’s high here.
P.S.S This idea was inspired by a recent VlogBros video, as well as dinner with an old friend in Montevideo.

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