Learning Tiers

Quickly, this idea has been gestating for a week now!

Some people have cocaine and hookers, others horse racing and poker. For me, my vice lies in a single, lame, oddly capitalized word: YouTube.

My excuse for watching is consistent no matter the situation. I’m learning something new, being exposed to new ideas, using my time well in the name of improving myself!

What. A. Lie.

And I do it constantly! So, this past week, I went on a cleanse. Not only a YouTube cleanse, but a Netflix, movie, and even Vimeo cleanse. What happened?

My life got better. It forced me to create more, shifting from consumption > creation to consumption < creation.

This got me thinking something that is obvious to many… learning is not created equal. And in five minutes, a completely un-researched idea from an unqualified source came to mind; I should rank these.

Learning Through Experience

  1. Overcoming a fear
  2. Doing something new
  3. Practicing a skill
  4. Something you’ve done before

Learning Through Solving

  1. Solving a difficult problem
  2. Improving a process
  3. Solving a problem with set rules (e.g. puzzle)

Learning Through Absorption

  1. Hands on, guided learning
  2. Self organized, focused investigation
  3. Passive absorption

Again, I am completely unqualified to comment on these, but I would love to know what you think! What kinds of learning did I miss? What are some resources I might be able to learn more from? Let me know!

Thanks for taking a sip,


P.S. I apologize for the lack of posts! Most of my writing has been dedicated to a book – this is actually suppose to be my writing break. I have a condition.

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