Ivy Drip

Fifteen in thirty – my new commitment to writing again. Life has come back toward a new normal – this year has explored a new kind of exhaustion. Because of it, the fire that supported all my previous writings dimmed. A sense of invalidation had washed over it; essays became rants never to see the […]


I visited an American Bavaria this past weekend. After a post-hike feast, some friends and I shuffled satisfied toward the restaurant’s double door. At the table beside the door was a woman with her husband. She had a matcha-green fishing hat fitted as if about to slide down the back of her head. Greyish-blonde hair […]

…on Seeing the US

I covered my ears between bites of pancakes, bacon, and drip coffee. Understanding everything, from the TV in the background to the Ray Ramano impression four tables away, was overwhelming. Background noise brings funny moments though. The barista who has “totally got [me] if you’re hungry, bro” or the jock telling his airport pickup “just […]

On Fate

One of my favorite students is a dreamer, an artist. He began last class by telling a story about something that recently changed his life. The story ended with him finding a new community of friends, shifting his outlook on life, and a newfound sense of spirituality. He believes the entire experience was fated to […]

Learning Tiers

Quickly, this idea has been gestating for a week now! Some people have cocaine and hookers, others horse racing and poker. For me, my vice lies in a single, lame, oddly capitalized word: YouTube. My excuse for watching is consistent no matter the situation. I’m learning something new, being exposed to new ideas, using my […]