My English teaching experience has grown tandem to learning Spanish. The frustration of expression in a second language surges with one part of my life, the other explores deeper into my first. And man, it has opened my eyes to one fact: I am not good at English. To describe something beautifully isn’t a thing […]

Nerves Abound

Positive nervous gets the heart pumping and glosses the palms. It demands a decision – do this now or don’t do it at all. It stares with it’s hand just above the holster and tells you to run away. It comes with any First, happened to everyone worth admiring, and is the struggle that defines […]

Time Machines

The first phone I ever owned was a silver Motorola Razr from T-Mobile. There is nothing quite like the horror seeing your phone gently rock down to the bottom of a pool. The second phone I ever owned was my mom’s pink Motorola Razr. Then, a phone was for Mom. It took four days to […]

Unequivocally, Yes

You’re sitting in Econ 101. Your No. 2 pencil is more baton than writing utensil, your composition notebook blank. The most exciting thing about this lecture is the professor’s chalk tapping on the board. Your mind wanders. It’s Illinois during the Spring of 1957. Maybe you’re thinking about the Soviets, but probably not. More likely, […]


“Human beings absolutely follow through on who they believe they are.”Tony Robbins, Probable T-Rex Voice Actor Explaining the Importance of Dental Hygiene here “You have to be fitness. Every person who lost 200 pounds can tell you the moment way back then when they knew they were going to be their ideal weight. That’s the […]

Dazed and Confused

I was late for a quiz – freshman calculus, 9am on the other side of campus. I had a black book-bag, bright tangerine bike, shorts and a t-shirt. Maybe a little toothpaste still in the corner of my mouth. Jumping into the bike lane with Jay-Z fueling each pump, I’m bookin’ it. My gears are […]

Failing to Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail! I’m starting to disagree. Planing hinges on one massive assumption: it is better to have a plan. To be a modern human is to plan. Why not? It creates a prepared solution for when problems arise. To plan feels natural, like the right thing. It seems like the […]