There's an idea of freedom as the ability to anything you want. That idea falls flat when it meets reality. In a reality where you have infinite resources, where time is spent as you wish, you are not free. There are the laws that govern our realities: gravity, nuclear forces, electromagnetism. If I were free [...]

Judgement: The New Executioner

The Fear of Judgement has been amplified by one simple idea: everyone can have an opinion. It seems to be an unchecked, ever growing reason we don't do things we want. The solution preached by many is simply "don't care about other people's opinions." Which... no shit, Sherlock. That would be great. But growing to [...]

Year Long Realization

A year ago today, a friend of mine left Peru. As is tradition with most travelers, she gifted all the things too cumbersome to bring along. I ended up with a yoga mat, a bottle of wine, and an child's orange notebook. "Chaq Chao's Balcony @ Sunset 8/28/18" is three pages long. After that is [...]

Paper to People

Lunches in high school were an hour long. My senior year, every one of them was spent arguing with friends about dumb things. Would aliens be friendly? What's the best animal to have as a pet? Is Miley Cyrus cool or a mess? Eventually, we got backlogged - an hour at lunch wasn't long enough [...]


My English teaching experience has grown tandem to learning Spanish. The frustration of expression in a second language surges with one part of my life, the other explores deeper into my first. And man, it has opened my eyes to one fact: I am not good at English. To describe something beautifully isn't a thing [...]

Pledge of Allegiance Dilemma

Being outside of my birth-country for so long has raised a difficult question. I can't escape a sense of responsibility to things I left behind, be it family or larger communities. Outside the States, there are always new experiences, new challenges, and new people. But there isn't a sense of permanent contribution - I underestimated [...]

Nerves Abound

Positive nervous gets the heart pumping and glosses the palms. It demands a decision - do this now or don't do it at all. It stares with it's hand just above the holster and tells you to run away. It comes with any First, happened to everyone worth admiring, and is the struggle that defines [...]

Time Machines

The first phone I ever owned was a silver Motorola Razr from T-Mobile. There is nothing quite like the horror seeing your phone gently rock down to the bottom of a pool. The second phone I ever owned was my mom's pink Motorola Razr. Then, a phone was for Mom. It took four days to [...]