Ivy Drip

Fifteen in thirty – my new commitment to writing again.

Life has come back toward a new normal – this year has explored a new kind of exhaustion.

Because of it, the fire that supported all my previous writings dimmed. A sense of invalidation had washed over it; essays became rants never to see the light of day while my energy went to work. I left my emails on a cliffhanger – there was a sense I had nothing left to say.

But I do have more to say. Much more. And I need to get back to one of the things I do best.

In my room, I have a rambunctious ivy plant named Michelle. Every other morning, I wake up to find her leaves pressed against the window, sponging sunlight. And every other morning, I turn her away. By the time I get back at night, the leaves face once more toward the light that was and will be again. She is a tad taller. 

Growth and adaptation are co-conspirators in the great heist of life. Growth happens so long as there is life to sustain it. But adaptation arrises from our challenges. It is discomfort, intentional or otherwise, that requires change. Adaptation asks more than you expected to give. It is a daily drive toward adventure that forces you to reckon with time rather than let it slip by on a screen. 

Just as the sun will rise again, challenges will present themselves. My days will be longer; I’ll get everything done then go back for seconds. 


Thanks for taking a quick sip,

Alejandro Duran

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